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Is Pet Adoption for You?

You finally decided to bring home a furry friend. You’ve done your research, you’ve figured out what type of pet you want, and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. But, have you thought about the ongoing cost(s) associated with getting a pet? There are two main areas regarding costs to consider when it…
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Bank Outside of the Box

Bank Outside of the Box Have you heard? Text banking has come to Mint Valley Credit Union! With this new and convenient feature, you can easily bank outside of the branch. Why Text Banking? You can conveniently and securely: Be the First to Know Mint Valley Updates Get Questions Answered Sign Loan Documents Anywhere Send…
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Too Many Payments?

Too many payments? Tired of trying to keep track of due dates and making payments with seemingly no end in sight? Box up your bills into one easy payment with Mint Valley Credit Union! Are you struggling with high-interest credit cards, bank loans, or another loan? We’ve got you covered. For example, if you have…
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You Fit In Here

You Fit In Here Have we helped you break out of the box that big banks tried to place you in and gotten a new lease on your financial journey? We’d love to know! Share why you left the big bank box and came to Mint Valley Credit Union. When you do, you may be…
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Break Out Of The Box!

Feeling Boxed In? If your plans changed for the summer, there’s still a chance to get in the great outdoors or find ways you can make your backyard into an oasis. Whatever you choose to do when you think outside of the box this summer on your newly-planned adventures, remember there’s room for a myriad…
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SHOULD I WITHDRAW EXTRA CASH? 4 reasons that may be a bad idea Some people say you should withdraw cash to protect yourself during the coronavirus outbreak. We wonder, why? Here are four reasons withdrawing extra cash may actually be your worst possible move right now: Cash is vulnerable. Credit union accounts are federally insured…
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