On November 16, 1936, the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) granted a charter to start our credit union and to begin business under the name of Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Longview Pulp Division Employees Federal Credit Union.  We started with 14 founding members and our office was located in a small room in the main office of Weyerhaeuser Company, Longview, Washington.

The purpose of our credit union was “to promote thrift among its members, by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings and to create for them a source of credit for loans for provident or productive purposes”.  (Definition of Provident by Merriam-Webster: making preparation for the future)

The Credit Union has gone through many changes over its life.  In 1956, we shortened our name to Weyerhaeuser Pulp Employees Federal Credit Union.  Land was purchased at our current location in 1960, our building was constructed, and we moved off the Weyerhaeuser Company mill site.  In 2001, due to an agreement with the Weyerhaeuser Company, we needed to change our name.  A list of names was submitted by our Members and we chose Mint Valley Federal Credit Union.  Our field of membership was changed to a community charter in 2004, opening our credit union membership up to persons who live, worship, work in, or attend school in Cowlitz County.

Since our inception, Mint Valley Federal Credit Union has endeavored to fulfill the original reason our credit union was chartered; to give opportunity to our members. We strive to offer most of the services found in much larger institutions, while maintaining the family atmosphere and personal touch of “people helping people”.


Mint Valley Federal Credit Union will be a financial cooperative committed to providing quality financial services to its members.  We will operate primarily within the region, but will service members beyond this area through their places of work, by phone, or by mail as required.

We will emphasize the formation and maintenance of comprehensive relationships that place the highest priority on the members’ needs. We will utilize an approach that places a high priority on personal service. At the same time, we will work within a structure that assures the maintenance of its members’ funds in a safe and sound position. We are committed to being a responsible employer. In recognition of the value and the contribution of our employees, we will provide opportunities for a high level of job satisfaction and equitable exchange for their services.

The Credit Union will be active in the communities it serves. We will support and be involved in efforts to improve the quality of life through out our service area.