What’s in the Box?

Wondering what’s in the Christmas present box from Mint Valley? Well, get ready to unbox the gift you’ve always wanted with the chance to skip a payment on your loan.

This December, our gift to you is to take away some of the stress of the holidays and give you the opportunity to spend a loan payment on other Christmas festivities.

Apply today to unbox your skip a pay this holiday, and let us take some of the financial stress out of the season.

*See credit union for details. Mint Valley FCU’s Skip-a-Pay is discretionary, based on credit history, and reserved for those members whose loans are in good standing. Mint Valley FCU reserves the right to withhold this offer if we determine your loan is not in good standing. A$30 fee will be assessed for each qualifying loan skipped. Due dates on the loans will be extended one month, interest on your loan will continue to accumulate, and the term of your loan may be extended. A skipped payment may reduce GAP payout. Skip-a-Pay does not apply to mortgages or line of credit loans. Valid on December 2021 payments only. Federally insured by NCUA.