Improving Your Credit Score in 3 Steps

The words “credit score” often come with a headache, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to improve yours. That’s why we’re laying out three of the best ways to rebuild or improve your credit score and set yourself up for success. While rebuilding your credit takes time, these steps will help you on […]

It’s Mint To Be! 

Sometimes we all need a fresh coat of paint. Sure, your walls have been that cool gray for a while now and that bookcase looked so good when you painted it blue. But change is good. Maybe it would all look better… Mint! Life can be like that. Maybe you’re looking for help to reach […]

Credit Cards

You work hard, so you deserve a card that works hard for you. That’s why with a Mint Valley Visa®, you have access to rates as low as 10.90% APR*. Compared to the national credit rates average over 16%, you’ll be saving on your monthly rate and putting more cash back in your pocket. Also, […]

Marriage and Money: What You Need to Discuss

Before you tie the knot, it pays to know a few things. Everybody has a different way of managing their finances, and if you and your partner aren’t on the same page, you might find yourself struggling to navigate financial issues when they arise. In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal notes, “One in […]

Why Couples Fight Over Money, and How to Prevent It

A recent survey of nearly 1,000 couples who are married, engaged, or in a relationship found nearly 75% said they had gotten mad at their partner because of a financial decision they made without talking about it first. The majority of those decisions were a big-ticket purchase made without discussing it first. Other financial decisions […]