Open New Doors!

Excited about where the next chapter of your life is going to happen, but nervous about all those high moving costs? It’s time to look forward to your next step when you apply for an Open Doors Loan from Mint Valley CU! With an Open Doors Loan, you can receive up to the amount of […]

Let’s Get Personal!

We love getting personal with our members, and helping them to accomplish their personal goals! That’s why whether your goal is to go on that dream vacation, get the tools you need to pursue your favorite hobbies, or even just pay debt down, we have a personal solution with our personal loan! Whatever you need […]

First String Rewards

First String Rewards! Ready to get a credit card that belongs in your wallet’s first string? Then it’s time to add the Mint Valley VISA® Credit Card to your starting lineup! With a Mint Valley VISA®, you’ll have a card that can make big financial plays to fund whatever you have planned next. You’ll also […]

Spooky Low Payment!

Feeling creeped out by your high auto loan rate? It’s time to say “boo” back whenever you switch to the spooky low payment of a Mint Valley auto loan! You won’t have to deal with the ghost of your old rate when you switch to a Mint Valley auto loan. Plus we can save you […]

Drive The Winter Blues Away

Car with smiling sun

Need something to get excited about to get rid of that cold seasonal slump? Drive the winter blues away by refinancing your auto loan with Mint Valley! Save up to 2% APR* when you refinance your auto loan from another lender to Mint Valley. That way you can drive through the wonderful winter weather knowing […]

Membership That Matters

Bear holding cat with happy character in it's mouth

Looking for an “out of the box” banking experience? Look no further than Mint Valley FCU. We know our members live unique lives, face financial hurdles, and are looking for a team to help them overcome their past. At Mint Valley, we don’t believe in the perfect credit, high income, or other “boxes” the banks […]

Bank Outside of the Box

Happy character on phone

Have you heard? Text banking has come to Mint Valley Credit Union! With this new and convenient feature, you can easily bank outside of the branch. Why Text Banking? You can conveniently and securely: Be the First to Know Mint Valley Updates Get Questions Answered Sign Loan Documents Anywhere Send Documents Receive Emergency Alerts You […]