Make A Mint

Smiling character on dollar bill

Wish you could own a mint of money? Well at Mint Valley, we’ll make you feel like you do by giving you the chance to win 80k Mint Rewards points when you open a new Mint Valley credit card featuring Mint Rewards! Mint Rewards are points you earn on every purchase you make with your […]

Rates As Cool As Iced Water

Ice cubes in glass of water

Feel like you’re feeling the heat from your high-rate auto loan from another lender? If your car payment is making you sweat, it’s time to switch to a cool and refreshing low rate at Mint Valley. When you refinance with Mint Valley and you’ll get a cooler payment. How cool? Up to 2% APR* off […]

Drive The Winter Blues Away

Car with smiling sun

Need something to get excited about to get rid of that cold seasonal slump? Drive the winter blues away by refinancing your auto loan with Mint Valley! Save up to 2% APR* when you refinance your auto loan from another lender to Mint Valley. That way you can drive through the wonderful winter weather knowing […]

Membership That Matters

Bear holding cat with happy character in it's mouth

Looking for an “out of the box” banking experience? Look no further than Mint Valley FCU. We know our members live unique lives, face financial hurdles, and are looking for a team to help them overcome their past. At Mint Valley, we don’t believe in the perfect credit, high income, or other “boxes” the banks […]